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Room Dividing Doors

At The Sliding Wardrobe store we not only offer Sliding doors as a storage solution, but also for room dividing, suitable for unsuites, Walkin wardrobe , office areas, Hallways e.t.c .

Our doors are constructed from a very durable surrounding aluminium profile, rolling on extremely smooth rolling wheels ideally suited for robust and frequent us, The panels can consist of 18mm M.F.C or M.D.F. board 4mm clear or satinized glass or coloured Lacobal glass, Our sliding systems is available with or without a base track, Without a base track provides a more stream line unbreakable look see graphics below.

We offer an overlay solution where the door is always visable , track can be concealed behind a panel or a aluminium cap, the other option is to concider installing a pocket door solution where door is invisable, concealed within the wall, go to our pocket door page which explains this in more detail. http://www.slideglide.ie/content/pocket-doors