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Pocket Door Systems With Wall components

Double Traditional Pocket system

Why Pocket doors ?


Have you ever thought how much space hinged doors waste especially in confined areas e.g. Ensuites, Bathrooms, Utility rooms and hallways, Now think about a Sliding pocket door disappearing into the wall, wasting zero space !

View this clip to see why pocket doors !


In comparison to hinged doors, Sliding pocket door systems are far less unobtrusive, more stream line and visually a more pleasing solution, making all rooms merge into each other effortlessly especially the minimalist system (system without  architraves)  where the wall and the door opening are almost as one, no more architraves just  the door disappearing seamlessly into the wall.

Suitability   Where is the system best suited to ? Anywhere where space can be saved , the system can be installed pretty much anywhere, once there is  space for the framework to be installed within,  In general the space required is approximately twice the width of your chosen door Plus approximately 60mm .

space lost using hinged png-min
space gained using sliding close up -min
space lost using hinged house

* Red showing waste of space using hinged doors.
** Green showing potential space  gained using sliding pocket doors.

How they work?

A Pocket door system is a complete kit of components consisting of an extremely robust structural aluminium framework structure. Once erected, your chosen door can slide within this framework structure effortlessly. The framework is slabbed over with a standard gypsum board while still maintaining an overall wall thickness of 100mm or 125mm.

The Pocket Door System that is Adjustable in Height, Width & Depth 

Durability  (i)  This sliding pocket door system is an innovative and highly engineered product , constructed from aluminium, the build quality and its flexibility is superior to any other product on the market, A door may be opened and closed thousands of times in its life time, so you need to be sure it will last the test of time and all systems under go vigurous quality control testing before leaving the manufacturing facility in Italy.

Pocket Door System, Mekkit, Aluminium Uprights Construction

using overlay system when installing timber stud (1)

Pocket Door system, Promani, Steel Frame Work Construction

Pocket Door System Advantages

Select From these Pocket Door Systems

Easy to Modify

Height can be reduced by cutting tubalar uprights. Width can be reduced by cutting top track, Two Wall thickness options available 100mm & 125mm.

Easy and Quick to Install:

– Vertical installation directly to the metal or timber structural opening.
– Only 1 person to assemble and fix it
– Door can be removed easily .

Rigidity Guaranteed :

– Large tubular aluminium Track beam section
– Tubular aluminum vertical stud profiles
– Multiple anchor points all around the pocket door
– Smooth and silent rolling action.

Accurate Finishes

With the innovative vertical profile which can be easily plastered for the non-architrave version.

Soft-Closing ABS Included

Providing a safe usage of the sliding door, avoids slamming and finger pinching

Reduced Installation Cost

For dry-liners (1 person, to install a door)


with Delrin-covered wheels and shielded precision ball bearings, with cast metal alloy body

High Quality

Stable materials : anodized aluminum alloy 6060 certified UALANOD

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Select From below Pocket Door Systems

Select a Finishing Trim Kit to accompany the Pocket Door System