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Pocket Door Accessories

See from a wide range of accessories from Handles with or without locks, soft closing Systems , Double door co- ordination mechanisms and telescopic synchronisation systems .

Pocket Door Handles

Double door Simultaneous Opening , This is when each door will open and close as one , connected with interlocking hidden cables open one door and the other will open also.

Telescopic Simultaneous Bypass Opening, when one door is opened back it in turn pulls the adjoining door back also by the use of clever rollers and cables hidden within the track.

Soft Closing Mechanism, The door gently and silently closes to the door jam when you push the door to approximately 150mm from its closing position, operating similar to that of a Soft closing drawer. Please note this system comes as standard in the Mekkit Pocket Door system.

Self Closing Mechanism . This is a complete Self Closing system which operates from the very beginning of movement by the use of a complete Spring system hidden within the track above the doors.

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