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Storage problems we solve maximising every square inch of space floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall. The flexibility of our wardrobes is unlimited, sloping ceilings, chimney breasts and irregular wall shapes create no problem to the Slide Glide system.

Interiors are constructed to each individuals specific needs, long hanging, double hanging, shelving and a wide range of accessories for baskets, ties, shoes and trouser racks. For that corner that’s difficult to access, we use a unique corner hanging rail to utilize the space to the maximum.

It is not only our doors that we raise the standards but also in our interiors, We use an extremelly robust and durable industrial grade PVC edging on all our interiors , all slide runners on drawers and baskets are of ball bearing construction, you are welcome to visit any of our displays to see for yourself and allow us to assist you in any way we can

View Various Interior Construction Options

There are a number of different interior options constructed in many different ways, to see the different options click on each below,

Premium Interiors, Modular Construction            https://theslidingwardrobestore.ie/premium-interior-modular-construction/     

No Back No Base Interiors                                              https://theslidingwardrobestore.ie/interiors-no-back-no-base-construction/

Piller system Interiors                                                    https://theslidingwardrobestore.ie/piller-system-interior/